Executive Body

NGDO management structure is comprised of an Executive Committee of 15 members, in whose 12 members have been elected by the counselors directly and 3 reserved seats viz Disabled Child Representative, Speech & Hearing Disabled Representative, Intellectual Disabled Representative are nominated by EC. In addition, all member of the EC are persons with disabilities.

Sl  Name  Position  Picture
1. Abdul Hie  President  
Samsul Haque Vice President
3 Abdul Halim Sarder General Secretary
4 Majibor Rahman Organizing Secretary
5 Akram Hossain Lition Finance Secretary
6 Saifur Rahman Education and Information Secretary
7 Runa Laila Woman and Child Secretary
8 Bashir Al Hossain Law and Justice Secretary
9 Rafiqul Islam Health Secretary
10 Sha Alam Employment Secretary
11 Uzzal Kumar Sarkar Sports Secretary
12 Bedeshe Chondro Roy Cultural Secretary
13 Chetara Begum Intellectual Disabled Representative
14 Kahinoor Aktar Speech& Hearing Disabled Representative